Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, Inc.

Minutes of the November 1, 2010 board meeting

A. Opening
1. Call to order
President Cole called the meeting to order at 5:11 pm.
2. Attendance
Board members present: Cole, Katzenstein, Manos, Middlemiss, Schneider, Wetzel
Board members absent: Ash, Blazek, Longo
Visitors: Ron Garback, Roy Mayhugh
3. Approval of minutes
The minutes of the October meetings were not transcribed in time for this meeting.
4. Treasurer's report
Katzenstein distributed the final report for September 2010. September income comprised $110.00 in donations while expenditures were $177.50. At the end of September, combined balances in all Booster accounts amounted to $1,877.89.
5. Correspondence
Katzenstein reported that we received another Special Temporary Authority from the FCC.
6. Announcements
Member Schneider is seeking people to interview for additional research for an article on the history of the TV Booster. We have a standing offer from John "Skip" Gorman for a radio interview.
7. Review of calendar and agenda
Santa's Art Shop is December 4th and 5th.
B. Committee reports
1. Standing committees
a. Nominating
For the four board positions with terms expiring at the end of 2010, Cole proposed the members currently holding those positions be re-elected to new two-year terms.
b. Operations
On "B" Mtn., several set-top boxes had locked up and were reset. There seems to be intermittent service outages on channel 13 at Laurel Mtn. We will continue to monitor the channel to see if it's the power supply or possibly something else.
D. New business
1. Middlemiss moved that incumbents Ray Ash, Ronald Cole, Gloria Longo, and Harold Manos succeed themselves for new two-year terms as members when their current terms expire at the end of 2010. (Katzenstein 2nd, 5 ayes, no nays or abstentions, voice vote).
2. Middlemiss moved that Schneider immediately succeed Starr as non-recording Secretary to the end of his term. (Wetzel 2nd, 5 ayes, no nays or abstentions, voice vote).
3. Middlemiss moved that we pay the $170 fee for an additional six month Special Temporary Authority to operate K41GO at Ridgecrest City Hall. (Schneider 2nd, 5 ayes, no nays or abstentions, voice vote).
4. Schneider moved to purchase another Larcan transcoder with a type six chipset, not to exceed $2400. (Wetzel 2nd, 5 ayes, no nays or abstentions, voice vote).
5. Schneider moved to purchase a new Linear Industries translator with a filter and Drake decoder, not to exceed $9500. (Middlemiss 2nd, 5 ayes, no nays or abstentions, voice vote).
E. Discussion items
1. Annual Boostergram
There was a discussion about topics for this year's annual Boostergram. Probably the biggest concern was getting out the news that KCET will discontinue carrying PBS programming effective January 1st.
2. Dying STBs at "B" Mtn.
There was a short discussion regarding the need to acquire more relatively inexpensive set-top boxes for "B" Mtn. since the FCC will force us to stop all analog service at the end of 2012.
F. Closure
1. Next meeting: 5:00 PM, December 6, 2010, Vaughn Realty Meeting Room, Ridgecrest
2. Adjournment: There being no further business, President Cole adjourned the meeting at 6:59 pm.

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