Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, Inc.

Minutes of the September 13, 2010 board meeting

A. Opening
1. Call to order
President Cole called the meeting to order at 5:13 pm.
2. Attendance
Board members present: Cole, Manos, Katzenstein, Longo, Middlemiss, Wetzel
Board members absent: Ash, Blazek
Visitors: Roy Mayhugh
3. Approval of minutes
The minutes of the July through November 2009 meetings were approved as distributed (Manos' motion, 2nd by Wetzel, passed on a voice vote, 6 ayes, no nays, no abstentions).
4. Treasurer's report
Katzenstein distributed the final reports for July 2010. July income comprised $15 in donations while expenditures were $90.33. At the end of July, combined balances in all Booster accounts amounted to $2,511.32.
5. Correspondence
Katzenstein reported that we received a construction permit from the FCC to displace TV channel 41 to channel 19.
7. Review of calendar and agenda
Maturango Days is October 15th and 16th and Member Longo picked up the form to reserve a location.
B. Committee reports
1. Standing committees
b. Operations
On "B" Mtn., the set-top box for channel 2 appears to be locked up and channel 11 is out for an unknown reason.
c. Publicity
Member Blazek will be updating our Maturango sign with this year's dates.
C. Old business
1. The NTIA indicates that our first grant application has been approved and we are waiting for the funds to be dispersed by direct deposit into our bank account.
2. Member Katzenstein will contact John Starr's lawyers regarding his will.
E. Discussion items
1. Policy for FM stations we translate
A lengthy discussion followed member Longo's question about our policy regarding which FM stations we choose to translate. There is no formal policy, but primarily we translate stations that bring in the most donations, and secondarily we try to provide format diversity to the valley based on the quality of the signals we receive at Laurel Mtn. It was brought up that KUOR has been subject to power line noise in the mornings and signal fading in the afternoon for quite some time and that perhaps a higher quality replacement station should be found. A jazz station is highly desirable, but another format would be considered until such time that a translator quality jazz station is receivable at Laurel Mtn.
2. Expiring base badges
There was a short discussion regarding renewing expiring vendor badges and who our sponsor was.
3. Weekend access to Laurel Mtn.
There was a short discussion about the possibility of getting weekend access to Laurel Mtn. so that we can work on new equipment installation and facilities maintenance. Member Wetzel will pursue.
F. Closure
1. Next meeting: 5:00 PM, October 4, 2010, Vaughn Realty Meeting Room, Ridgecrest
2. Adjournment: There being no further business, President Cole adjourned the meeting at 6:30 pm.

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