Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, Inc.

Minutes of the February 4, 2008 board meeting.

A. Opening
1. Call to order
President Cole called the meeting to order at 5:15 pm.
2. Attendance
Board members present: Blazek, Cole, Longo, Manos, Middlemiss, Starr, Wetzel
Board members absent: Ash, Katzenstein
3. Approval of minutes
The minutes of the January 7, 2008 meeting were approved as amended (M-Cole, 2d-Manos; passed on a voice vote: 7 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstaining).
4. Treasurer's report
In a verbal report, Treasurer Blazek gave $965.00 as the sum of income since the last meeting. He estimating that the total from this winter's annual "Boostergram" drive for contributions had fallen about $2,000 short of the previous year's campaign. He also reported expenditure of $2,321.66 for eight STBs (Set-Top Boxes, i.e., digital converters).
5. Correspondence
Blazek noted that, among recent contributors who commented, many gave conditional praise to the Booster's efforts to maintain classical music service (KCNV) on FM radio.
6. Announcements
Longo said she has it on good authority that the Knights of Columbus will not take responsibility for organizing Maturango Junction next fall. There is a possibility that the Four Winds Tribal Council will take it over, but is considering scheduling the event at a different time of year (with unknown implications for the Booster's planning).
B. Committee reports
1. Standing committees
b. Operations
Middlemiss reported that the Navy's NAVFAC professional engineer has recommended against allowing the Booster to proceed with the pouring of its planned new concrete antenna pad at Laurel Mountain without extensive slope-stabilization measures, measures which the Booster cannot afford. On a happier note, Wetzel reported some improvement in the procedures required for Booster volunteers to gain access to the Laurel Mountain site, although the contingency plan for "emergency" access has yet to be tested.
4. Web site committee
Cole reported that the Booster's web site has been taken down temporarily while he moves his office into his home. It is expected to be operational again in about a week.
E. Discussion items
1. TV Signals from Mt. Wilson
It was reported that, for safety reasons, signals from Mt. Wilson may be subject to occasional weakening or may drop out altogether during periods when crews must work on the towers there, requiring that the transmission power be cut.
F. Closure
1. Next meeting: 5:00 PM, March 3, 2008, Vaughn Realty Meeting Room, Ridgecrest
2. Adjournment: There being no further business, President Cole adjourned the meeting at 6:20 pm.

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