Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, Inc.

Minutes of November 5, 2007 board meeting.

A. Opening
1. Call to order
President Cole called the meeting to order at 5:11 pm.
2. Attendance
Board members present: Ash, Blazek, Cole, Longo, Middlemiss, Starr
Board members absent: Manos, Schneider, Wetzel
Visitors: West Katzenstein, Roy Mayhugh
3. Approval of minutes
The minutes of the August 6 meeting were approved as read (Middlemiss, 2nd Blazek, 6-0-0 voice). No minutes were submitted for September 10 or October 1, when there were no quorums.
4. Treasurer's report
For the three months ending October 31, Treasurer Blazek reported income totaling $261.00 (from donations) and expenditures totaling $2,405.59. Itemized expenses were: county taxes ($834.53); B.J. Tucker for professional engineering services ($375); Verizon for telephone services ($234); and reimbursement of Ken Wetzel for equipment purchases authorized at the August meeting ($962.06). Blazek estimated we could expect about $8,000 in donations as a result of the annual mailing after Thanksgiving.
5. Correspondence
Blazek reported receiving notice from the IRS that 501(c)(4) organizations like the Booster must now file an annual report certifying that they are not required to file an annual return when their income for the year was less than $25,000.
6. Announcements
Efforts to resolve NAWS access difficulties at Laurel Mountain continue. Preparations for the Booster exhibit at the November 10 Community Dinner are in hand, and Blazek is coordinating resources and staffing for the booth at Santa's Art Shop on December 1-2.
B. Committee reports
1. Standing committees
b. Operations
Longo reported that the customary time-index signal is now missing from KCET. Mayhugh responded with surprise, knowing no explanation for its absence. Our KCNV translation (Las Vegas classical FM) has been off the air for about ten days because of receiver failure. It was further noted that two STB power supplies failed at B Mountain toward the end of summer; we are currently operating with borrowed substitutes.
c. Publicity
Middlemiss is working on the annual newsletter, while Longo has drafted a press release to be run in two parts during November and December.
d. Telephone recorder messages
Middlemiss reported at least one telephoned complaint of dropouts on KCET channel 55 (analog), and Mayhugh commented that Mediacom has received complaints about the reliability of the KCET signal on their cable broadcasts.
3. Digital Transition committee
Community Broadcasters Association meeting was attended by Mayhugh. He returned with news that the NTIA may grant funds to provide existing analog translators with reliable digital receivers (which would help us at B Mt.), as well as possible reimbursements to low-power broadcasters for their analog to digital conversions. An on-line application form for such grants is expected to be available in January. NTIA is also requesting feedback concerning their programs. The DTV committee met on November 2 and recommended applying for money to upgrade channels 47-51. Members are planning for NTIA grant application(s) as needed. Also recommended: the publicity campaign should include information for general users. The possibility of a Daily Independent insert was mentioned.
C. Old business
1. Middlemiss moved that we authorize expenditures not to exceed a total of $3,000 to cover remaining costs for constructing the concrete footing and pad at Laurel Mountain; motion passed (Starr 2nd, 5-0-0 on a voice vote; Ash had to leave earlier). The long-awaited spectrum analyzer has finally arrived but doesn't work; Wetzel is trying to resolve.
D. New business
1. Middlemiss moved that we authorize expenditures not to exceed a total of $9,000 for acquiring professional-grade STB converter boxes for B Mountain; motion passed (Longo 2nd, 5-0-0 on a voice vote).
2. Middlemiss moved that we reimburse Mayhugh for specified travel and equipment expenditures on behalf of the Booster; the total was quoted as $740.59. Motion passed (Blazek 2nd, 5-0-0 on a voice vote).
F. Closure
1. Next meeting: 5:00 PM, December 3, 2007, Vaughn Realty Meeting Room, Ridgecrest
2. Adjournment: There being no further business, President Cole declared the meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

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