Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, Inc.

Minutes of January 8, 2007 board meeting

A. Opening
1. Call to order
The meeting was called to order by President Cole at 5:16 PM.
2. Attendance
Board members present: Ash, Cole, Manos, Middlemiss, Schneider, Wetzel
Board members absent: Blazek, Longo
3. Approval of minutes
The minutes of the December meeting as posted to the web site were approved.
5. Correspondence
President Cole reported receiving all 16 TV translator FCC license renewals. Also received was a holiday greeting card from Greg Best Consulting.
B. Committee reports
1. Standing committees
b. Operations
Regarding the channel 51 transmit antenna problem, it was suspected that the Lindsay zig-zag antennas were broadband and that one antenna was probably cut for several channels. So, the channel 51 transmit antenna was replaced with the channel 53 transmit antenna and the VSWR improved. The VSWR of all antennas was checked with a Bird Wattmeter and a fairly consistant 1.5:1 reading was measured. The Lindsay antennas are in reality receive antennas and a 50-ohm amplifier into a 75-ohm antenna gives the 1.5:1 VSWR we measured. The Larcan transcoder that shipped with the channel 41 Pineapple was also determined to be bad, and it was swapped out with our known good spare. There is still quite a bit of interference.

Ken Wetzel noticed that some of the coax hard-line on the raceway had come loose and was moving in the wind. That may be the source of some of the interference.

C. Old business
1. President Cole reported receiving the channel 33 translator from Pineapple Tech. We are still waiting for FCC type certification.
D. New business
1. President Cole brought to the attention of the board that somehow officer elections were neglected at the last meeting. It was moved by President Cole and seconded by Member Middlemiss to re-elect the current slate of officers and leave the office of Secretary open until someone volunteers to fill the position. The motion was approved by a 6-0-0 voice vote.
E. Discussion items
1. Longley-Rice map
Member Wetzel printed off several copies of a Lingley-Rice map of our digital translators covering Inyokern, China Lake Acres, Ridgecrest, and Trona.
2. channel 8 antenna
There was a short discussion about the wind load on the channel 8 antenna. The antenna had been turned by the wind twice. The second tightening seems to have been tight enough.
F. Closure
1. Next meeting: 5:00 PM, February 5, 2007, Vaughn Realty meeting room, Ridgecrest
2. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:23 PM.

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